Friday, November 22, 2013

New Section Alert!!!!

Happy Friday Divas and Divos!!!! I am here to announce a new section that I added to the blog.  I have an official Polyvore page that I recently got back into the swing of using and thought I could show off my skills as a stylist.

The new Polyvore Sets section will have each new set that I create for personal use and requested use from you dolls. The sets that have not been requested are sets created to show you guys different ways to create a new outfit for any type of occasion even if it's just a dinner with friends or a black tie affair.  There are a few rules to this section so please adhere to them.

Rules to Requesting a Polyvore Set
  1. Contact me first!! ( All contact information can be found in the contacts page!)
  2. Leave your contact information when you contact me so I can give you the chance to see the set before it is posted.
  3. Give me at least 24 hours before set is created and posted!! ( Set may even be posted earlier before 24 hours!)
  4. Remember to comment on your requested set to let me know that you have seen it.
  5. You are allowed to take your requested set from this site as long as you let me know that you have done so. ( You must leave a link to where ever you are reposting the requested set. If I find out that you have taken the set without leaving the appropriate links then I will be forced to not make anymore sets for you.)

If you follow the simple rules then this new section will run smoothly for everyone including me.  Remember I am not forcing my personal style on any of you so if you do not like it let me know what you would want to be changed and I will go in and change it.