Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2014

It seems to me that the love affair Jason Wu had with the corset is finally over.  Keeping up with the trend of his Spring collection that was devoted to bias dressing, Wu focused on draping and "hybridized" separates for Pre-Fall that came along with some mixed results.  The collection boasts spiral cut ruffle dresses in mismatched dark autumn florals looked great with mannish shoes, while foulard print blouses came with ribbed cuff that he borrowed from athletic gear.  These subtle details gave the pieces a sport feel. 
While there are a couple body-limning ensembles that he is known for, they carried more ease than usual.  This is all in thanks to the way he injected drape by splicing jersey knits with silk.  There long black gown that he created that is to die for.  Wu took a similar approach with his evening suits.  He cut a tuxedo jacket like a cardigan and on the bottom and paired it with a pair of slouchy, silk, track pants.

Wu described this collection as comfortable as "slipping on a sweater."