Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stay Warm Loves!!

Displaying 2013-12-17_12-13-37_577.jpgDisplaying velpicstitch20131217_114936.jpgSo it snowed again today.  They let the little ones out of school early today so I went and did my Aunt duties and picked them up.  Decided to take a walk instead of driving since the roads aren't really that good out.  Lucky for me, their school is just up the street so it wasn't a big deal.  I bundled up though because this New England winter weather is no joke.  As you guys can tell in only just a short walk, my coat (brought it from Macy's last year!) was starting to get covered, my Uggs soon followed.

To all those who are dealing with this crazy winter snow, bundle up and stay warm.  It's all about layers today.  For the walk, I wore a simple white, Old Navy hoodie I got last year from my younger sister as a birthday gift, my black got I bought from Macy's last year, a hat that my little brother gave to me, my black wool material leggings and my all black Uggs.  I really was warm today.