Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Summer Time Throwback

While I live in CT, I have to endure the snowfall that we are currently experiencing.  As I sit at my desk typing this, I can't help but remember my favorite summer outfit. I love the summer time, especially spending days at the beach, cook outs and parties. I've worn my favorite summer outfit to each and every one of those festivities that I mentioned. My outfit consisted of a black and white horizontal top, homemade shorts, and my favorite sandals.

I remember buying the top, which was originally a dress that didn't give me the appropriate coverage.  I got the top from a local shop called DOTS and simply took a pair of fabric scissors and cut off some of the bottom length and went on to sew hem it with the sewing machine. I loved the outcome of my handy work.

Next came my homemade shorts.  As some of you may know, I have been on a weight loss journey and when I put the pants on they were a tad bit on the large side.  Instead of throwing them out, I simply marked the cut off point on both legs and proceeded to cut them. Again came my handy sewing machine where I created a cuff at the bottom of the shorts.  I ended up not liking the way the cuff looked after sewing it so I grabbed some of these easy hemming things my grandmother bought for me and used them to hem the bottom of my pants.  They came out better than the first try and I left them like that.

Finishing off the outfit were a pair of gladiator sandal that I brought from DSW the summer of 2012 and a simple black belt that I've always had.  This had to be one of my favorite looks of the summer.