Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Time Swag

Welp it's that time again guys and dolls! It is the winter time, the time where every person I know wishes that the summer would be here the very next day.  With all that cold weather, a lot of people enjoy staying in their homes, while others enjoy their time in the cold. I used to be one of the people who liked to spend their time in their homes where it is toasty and warm.  It wasn't until I started searching the web for some warm clothing to add to my collection, did I get excited about going winter clothes shopping.  Along the way I found some of my favorite pieces that I just can't wait to purchase. Let me know what you guys think!!
$42.80 Rustic Southwestern Pattern Coat Forever 21+
$24.80 Tiger Eyes Open-Knit Sweater Forever 21+
$24.80 Folk-Inspired Cable Knit Sweater Forever 21+
$22.80 Grunge Acid Washed Jeggings Forever 21+
$39.95 Dean from Justfab.com
$39.95 Sawyer from Justfab.com
$39.95 Ilsa from Justfab.com
$108.50 Double-Breasted Peacoat from Torrid
$27.80 Understated Tribal Print Skinny Jeans Forever 21+

So what do you guys think?!